A boot in the teeth
from the dagger-up-the-sternum department.
written by alan on December 22, 2002

Music: Marumari - Baby M / Barramundi - Think 4 A While / Hedfunk - Freedom (Fila Brazilia Mix)

It is, of course, not enough that I have to go through a crappy emotional time like I am right now...but do I also have to endure other people telling me about their intimate encounters? I don't need that crap. Every time one of my friends (actually, there's one in should know who you are) starts talking about a present or past relationship, it feels like a kick in the ass for me. It hurts immensely, but at the same time i'm insanely jealous.

Yes, okay, i understand you had a good relationship, now shaddup about it. I don;t need to hear how they were in bed. I don;t need to hear how you cuddled or shared any other romantic event. I swear i'm gonna flip on the next person who starts conversation about that. Most of my friends understand that its not a friendly topic of conversation and just avoid it completely...for this, i thank them all. Hell, its bad enough that I have to see couples having a good time everywhere. I wonder how hard its gonna hit me when I go to Molly's wedding in a few weeks. I hope i can take'll be a crappy little vacation if I can;t. The only person who may share my views on that is Jenn...and I have my doubts if she'd be inclined to show any support for my cause.

On a different note, relations with my sister have improved. This has certainly helped ease any tensions in the house. The last thing I need right now is another of our family shouting matches. I dunno what it is, but she's definitely toned down her attitude, and its a good thing! :)

On another yet different note, it seems that my attempts to get a little attention from the female community by using those 'personals' sites has pretty much failed. A couple months should have been enough time to get at least one response. So far, bubkus. This isn't exactly helping with that loss of hope I spoke of earlier...and I so want to hold on to that hope, but its not getting any easier.

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