from the adaptation department.
written by alan on November 04, 2002

Music: Aril Brikha - Aqua / Setting Sun

Once again, apologies for not keeping up to date as i once used to. I'm still adjusting to life without school. Believe it or not, i've gotten very accustomed to it. After being in it for 19 years, its something that one gets very used to. And yet, now that i'm done, i feel much more at ease. Thankfully I work in a low stress environment. :) There are no lingering deadlines or major projects that need to be done. Just work on different things from time-to-time. I can't say its "relaxing" work, but it has its merits.

Unfortunately for me I was unable to make it up to London this weekend to see mel. I just couldn't get in touch with Amy to make arrangements to spend the night. Mel has a couple cats at her place, so i couldn;t stay there. I'd prolly not make it thru the asthma would flare up to no end. So, i guess i'll have to try to arrange it with amy to stay over in a couple weeks. This way I can take mel out for a little dinner and then get some clubbing in. After talking with her on the phone saturday afternoon, i started to get intimidated. Apparently she's taking her masters in Neuroscience...she has her office, her own building keys...even her own student! She gets respect, dammit...something I wish i got more of from work. :)

So tonite i'll be finishing up the work i did with my gateway on the weekend. Some of you may have noticed that my site was down for a was a necessary step. Everything should be running much smoother now that i've switched OS's on that box and re-organized everything properly. As well, it looks like i'll have to put a bit of money into those 'personals' sites...apparently you can;t really do anything unless you pay (i.e can;t send e-mail/reply to ads). So i'll have to ante up on that...i wanna see where that can get me. Maybe i'll find someone local who's willing to give me a shot. Ya never know...

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