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written by alan on January 01, 2003

Music: Blinker The Star - Below The Sliding Doors / David Usher - Forest Fire / Duncan Sheik - She Runs Away / k.d. lang - Constant Craving / Matthew Good Band - Apparitions / Our Lady Peace - Naveed / Semisonic - Secret Smile

Happy New Year to all! :) 2003, like any year, will be very interesting. Many advancements, a few retreats...just another section of time. So, I have a few things to say at this point.

A few days ago while waiting for the rest of my friends at a local coffee house, a person i'd never seen nor met before came up to me and started making conversation. Naturally, I accepted the offer to meet someone knew and entertained his curiosity. He was a young guy...late teens would be my guess. It turns out he had just moved here from Toronto and was interested in meeting new people. He also mentioned that he attended a local, and recently new Christian church. This set off bells in my head. I make a correlation between his particular faith and his willingness to meet people in the fashion in which he chose. It reminded me of some of the activities Sean said he did with the people of his church. The little exchange of information that ensued was rather pleasing. Its not very often that I meet new people...and certainly not in the impromptu fashion in which I met this individual. For a few minutes afterward, I actually considered getting back to my faith.

What faith am I exactly? I was born, baptised, and raised Roman Catholic. In recent years, however, I have stopped practicing that faith and have renounced many of the things that it stands for. There are too many things which the Catholic Church speaks against that I simply cannot agree with. But I digress. I've never known Catholics to act in the manner in which the aforementioned person did to me. I do feel that it would be neat to try though. :) I'll get into a little rant about religion in a different entry. (Religion can be a nasty topic of discussion, as many of you know)

The New Years party was a success! At last count, there were about 27 people packed into my parent's basement when midnight rolled around. I spent most of the night spinning music on my decks. I didn't drink as much as I normally would have since i had to pay the music :) There also were a very large amount of Jello shooters present as well as an interesting thing dubbed 'Vodka Melon' (use your imagination on that one). As far as I could tell, everyone had a splendid time. Only a couple people actually stayed the night this time. Usually there's about 6-7 people that end up crashing. The cleanup was pretty easy as well. Next year, if there is another party, it might be handled a little differently. For sure we'll have the live audio stream, and afterparty pictures posted around. Unfortuntately, we were unable to accomplish that very well this time around. Organization will be key for future events.

During the whole party I just thought about the music. I didn;t care what people were doing or what they were saying. It was all about the sounds. And for the first time in many new years parties, I felt nothing. It was amazing...usually I feel some kind of depression coming on once people arrive, but this time it was so much better. It may be because I've finally found people that share the same taste in music that I do. We all get down the same sound...and that makes all the difference.

*yawns* Must in the morning. New Years resolutions will follow. :)

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