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written by alan on January 20, 2002

Music: 808state – Plan 9 (Guitars On Fire Mix)

Over 2.5 months later, I finally get around to writing another entry. This being the direct result of exposure to Sean’s website/web-journal which has given me more inspiration to get my journaling code finished...or to at least put them up on the site for all to see while coding ensues.

Today marks the addition of a ‘music’ header which will indicate the track I listened to while writing a particular entry. This also means that you should endeavour to listen to that particular track while reading it...just to get a feel for how I’m feeling. :)

My linux server is finally back up with only a few minor things to get working again (i.e. mySQL & proFTPd). What kills me here is that by running kernel 2.4.x, I have screwed myself over from being able to use NetMeeting (the dreaded H.323 protocol). To my dismay, there is a working patch for 2.2.x kernels that correctly masquerades NetMeeting data, but alas, none is available for 2.4.x. This prevents me from talking to Jenn correctly. Ahh, how I long to hear her voice again. Its been way too long since our last audio conversation.

On the school front, studying has begun for the A+ hardware cert. Apparently, its turning out to be harder than anyone expected. There’s quite a few ‘little details’ that need memorization…and you all know how bad I am at memory work (or at least you should know). But, people have assured me that I should personally have no trouble at all. I guess that makes me feel a bit better, but I’d like to get a decently high mark. MCSE is progressing nicely. Win2kPro is now out of the way, with little or no work on my part (it was pretty easy to begin with. I start Server – and by server, I mean advanced server – tomorrow. There should be a few interesting tidbits of information that I can pick up. If not, I’ll be disappointed.

Some info about the holidays: I received a deep fryer, which made me very happy. Now, why would I need such a device considering my current state, you ask? Laziness. Sure, I could go drive to Wendy’s for some fries, but why expend all that energy when I can throw some potatoes in the fryer & have fresh, hot fries in a couple minutes. :) New Year’s was a blast. The party was one of the better ones. No one got pissed and left because of the lack of pop music, which is increasing my faith in the maturity of my guests. Plus, with the demise of one relationship (Justin & Julie) which had its beginnings at one of my parties, another has begun (if you were there, you may know who I’m talking about). It was at this party that I had a run-in with an old relationship status. I’ve had this thing for one of the twins (Shauna, if you must know) for a little while. I found her quite attractive and very smart. However, it never really looked like she was all that interested. To my surprise, it looked like she showed some interest at the festivities. However, this was most likely the result of drink than of anything else. After conferring with a trusted friend, my (pathetic) pursuit of this relationship has come to a halt. I guess she wouldn’t have been my type anyways. Life goes on. :)

I guess its R&R for me tonite. A day of server basics awaits tomorrow.

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