from the petty-theft department.
written by alan on September 03, 2002

Music: Chicane & Salt Tank - Leaving Town (Mea Culpa Mix)

Well, now i'm just annoyed. Apparently one of my cd wallets has gone missing, and i have a pretty good hunch that it was lifted from my car when i was at work. Now, i'm not too broken up over this as (1) i have my contact info written in it, and (2) most of the stuff in it was burned, so i can recover it. The store-bought cd's aren;t hard to replace if it comes down to that. I'm more annoyed than anything. I mean, why the hell does someone need to lift a cd wallet. A wallet of mostly trance for that matter. And another thing, i had an identical cd wallet right next to the one that got lifted. Why the hell would someone only take one item if more are sitting right there. It makes no sense. I mean, if you're gonna steal, steal a bunch. Take everything. Go down in style. Its like a saying i have...'if you're gonna fuck up, fuck up good'. There's no sense in doing a half-assed job of screwing up.

Anyhoo, in other news, I proceeded to have a weekly coffee with wes and justin tonight. And to my happiness, wes was more or less his old self again...the wes i remember. I guess it really does affect him when amy is around. He acts different when she's not here....just like he used to. Of course he shapes up when amy is in town...she takes everything personal and out of proportion. But tonite, wes was his old self. Calm, collected, and generally relaxed. This is the wes i like to see. Now, if he could only convince amy to lighten up...he'd be more like this everyday. :)

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