Annoyance III
from the school-blows department.
written by alan on October 07, 2002

Music: none

I simply cannot stand how my prof wastes time in class. She spends an hour each morning reading verbatim text from the textbook, and then she proceeds to tell us to 'study' for most of the day. If we're lucky, we get to take the current chapter test at the end of the day...if we're lucky. Today we were lucky. Tomorrow we may not be. And no matter what happens, i'm having a little talk with her. There's no way i'm wasting my time here. I could be working or more importantly studying, but no...i have to be here bored to hell while she does nothing.

So i'm really hoping i can get that package off to molly tonite. I've been putting it off for the last couple days due completely to laziness. Although, this putting off has given me time to think about jenn's letter. I think i now know what i'm going to put in it. And no, jenn, i'm not going to tell everyone'll just have to wait ;) I probably should send it 'first-class'...a week is long enough wait for them. I _could_ send it express, but it'll prolly end up being a week anyways :)

Its time for work...shortly. I'll prolly write again this evening once more events have transpired.

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