Another view
from the turn-head-sideways department.
written by alan on September 07, 2002

Music: t0ast - house some more

Just so everyone knows...the music i'm playing here is a mix set of mine. A house set at that. If you wanna get a copy of it, just drop me a line and i'll hook ya up with my server info.

So, last night I went back to chatting in a couple irc channels i used to frequent when i was in university. And lo, i met up with an old friend of mine. After briefly catching up with each other, i let her in on the address to my web journal. She enthusiastically went to read it and came back with many thoughts and comments. (those that frequent this site should learn a lesson from her ;) After a little discussion on the state of my depression and issues surrounding it, she came up with one major thing that I should try to change. My compassion. She couldn;t explain it much further, which is unfortunate. I thought i had the gist of it, but after stewing over what she'd said, i've concluded that i don't quite get what she meant. Of course, further discussion prolly won;t yield much. I guess i just need to let people see more of my softer side. Usually, i'd reserve this side of me to those who are truly interested in seeing it. However, since no one wants to see it, i have little choice but to show it off. It'll take some time and practice, but it should be doable. :)

After finally getting around to cleaning the interior of my car, i noticed that my ash tray was lifted as well. I guess it was too good to be true when my cd's were found. Ah well...there was only a few bucks in coins + a lighter in there. Nothing i can;t make back in a few minutes at work :)

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