Baby Steps
from the slowly-but-surely department.
written by alan on October 09, 2002

Music: Bjork - All Is Full Of Love (Plaid rmx) / Bush - Letting the Cables Sleep (the NOW mix)

Had a decent chat with jenn this afternoon. Excellent :) I hope they continue. Now i just have to coax her into finishing her story that she's in the middle of writing. I really want to read it. I'm sure i'll just be taken aback by her detail and creativity. She never ceases to do that to me. This reminds me, i must see if she'd want to catch a movie as well when i'm down. There's so much i want to do with her...*sigh* i just can;t wait.

I'm getting in the zone for my last exam. The concepts are starting to sink in and i think with a couple more days of immersion i should be pretty well prepared to write it. I've got support from all sides on this one, so i'm pretty confident. I'd like to take this moment to give a little shout out to molly for her advice and analysis of things. You rock :) I'm feeling much better now, and i think with this new attitude that i'll be able to handle the next little while much easier. If you have any questions about your programming, make sure to ask, eh? Same goes for nathan :)

I can't wait until this week is over. I really do need some sleep. All this emotional hubbub and school work and studying is starting to get to me. Both at home and at work. School was never an issue ;) When school is done, i'll finally be able to concentrate on more important know what those are ;)

until next time...

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