from the locked-in-a-cage department.
written by alan on September 03, 2002

Music: Three Drives - Carrera 2

I thought i'd be out of the woods as far as responsibilities go. Oh no...that'd be too easy. I still have a load of stuff to do. More exams to study for, projects to complete, on-the-side work to do, regular part-time work to do...the list goes on and on. I often wonder if i'll ever be able to relax and just do one thing...maybe two things. Whenever i'm finished one thing, two more tasks are in the waiting. Blargh!

It will soon be time to venture to work. Another 2 hours of money making. Yay! :) And tonite, i get to try out my new toy...a Rio800 mp3 player. I can't wait!!

More as develops...

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