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written by alan on March 06, 2003

Music: The Philosopher Kings - You Don't Love Me / Esthero - That Girl / The Rentals - Friends of P

Yes, life is getting better...if by better i mean normal. Work, eat, sleep, nightly social event, etc. I had a great time at the pub last night. Sat around with a couple people, had a beer, and played many games of Euchre...the BEST card game ever. Its especially fun when people aren't thinking straight :) I know i've gotten myself banned from playing that game for an entire year because of one drunken night.

This guy I know from high school, Blair, let me in on a little event that happens every year at an area campground. A whole bunch of people gather together on the May.24 weekend (herein dubbed the 'may twofer') to have a good time. Bring your booz, bring your vices, bring your music, and apparently bring your women too. The thought had crossed my mind to bring my dj decks would be really cool to play to a 'live' crowd. I'm not sure how well my kind of music would be liked, but i'm sure someone there must be into it. I've heard they have regular dj's there...some rock, some r'n'b, etc. But then I heard that many people would want to 'try' using my decks. This makes me cringe in fear. I have no desire to have my decks broken...they cost me a good sum of money. So I may just pre-mix some sets and bring a boombox of some type. We'll see.

Tomorrow night will be one of my DJ nights. A couple of my buddies from the states are coming up to spin some good music at my place. It will be broadcasted live (as usual) and you can all watch over the webcam. I may even post a link to the sets when we're done recording. I'm not sure how many of you out there are into the kinda of music we play, but I guarantee there's something for everyone here :)

A little update on my summer vacation plans: I'll be accompanying Molly & Nathan when they drive back down south from visiting me and i'll spend a week with them. Its cheaper that way since i only need to buy a ticket for a one-way flight back. They'll be working most of that week, but then again its some more time I can spend to myself. Perhaps catch up on some reading...or walking :) It'll be summer, so no cold snow.

More tomorrow perhaps...

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