Catching Up
from the getting-there department.
written by alan on November 19, 2006

The new journal system is very much near completion. So much so that I have deployed it to the main site and opened it up for all to see.

Lately I've been doing whatever I want. If that means staying in to work on my own side projects, then thats what I'm doing. I've gotten a lot of work finally finished on my journal system as well as my servers in general. These tasks have been put off more times than I can count, so i'm very happy to have them almost completed.

Justin has gotten me into Neverwinter Nights 2. We play a LAN game (with Tom) whenever I can cart my PC over to his house for a night. I wish it ran on my laptop, since it's much easier to carry over there. However, after I pick up a few computer accessories (wire ties and such), it won't be quite the burden to travel out there to play. I like the gameplay, but i'm still not fully into it. My exposure to general D&D is limited, so i'm still trying to understand how the whole system works. I think if I can get myself in on a real tabletop game that I might pick up most of the knowledge I'm missing.

My cooking skills are coming along nicely. I've settled into a "stir fry" phase where I simply fry random veggies and meats together with various sauces and spices in an attempt to make some wholesome meals. Note to self: get an apron.

I find that I'm having a lot of fun with my coworkers. We go to the pub once every week or two; sometimes many times per week. A few days ago, a bunch of us went bowling. That was super fun. We even got a couple people out from development, which was nice. The next major event for work is Dec.15 for the christmas party. I'm told it will be a night to remember, and from the stories I've heard it very well should be.

Justin's next cocktail party is this coming Friday, which means I must to get my formal wear dry cleaned this week. I won't be able to spin at this even due to lack of space for my equipment, but i'll arrange a couple of my mixes on my iPod and just set it up to play.

Perhaps I'll update after that. :)

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