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written by alan on February 18, 2008

I never thought I'd see the day that I would be approached by an attractive woman and asked to dance. That didn't even happen to me in elementary OR high school. Yet, it happened to me a couple weeks ago. However, instead of hesitating and retreating into my shell, I did something different. I said "Sure" and followed her onto the dancefloor. To be completely honest, I had no sexual desires toward her so that made the circumstances easier to bear. She was also quite inebriated, which was partially the cause of the lack of attraction. I danced how I usually dance: all over the place. :) It was disco night, how could I not dance that way? She even complimented me on it. Most likely because I wasn't trying to get into her pants like most of the other guys i'm sure she was with that night. I'm not saying she was promiscuous, but I likened her to the majority of the club-goers everywhere. That type bores me. I want one that moves with the music; one that feels it.

I'm on somewhat of a diet these days. I'm watching my sugar, sodium and calorie intake. I read every nurtition label I can find. One thing I learned very quickly is that it's damn challenging to tasty food that doesn't have /lots/ of sugar, sodium or calories in it. Despite the adage that "you don't make friends with salad", I've eaten more salad in the last month than I have in many, many years. It's not all that bad if the right ingredients are present. I've also found that I can still eat snack foods in moderation. I had to give up my weekly beer and wings at the pub, however. That was probably killing me more than I realized. My next hurdle is getting into an exercise routine and sticking with it. Well, more of the latter than the former. I can start without much of an issue. It's keeping up with the regimen that I have the most difficulty with; especially during the winter months.

So sean had his usual group of friends over to play rock band today. I don't know why, but I always shy away into my room for most of the time that they're here. All of them are easy to get along with and are nice to talk to, yet I still find myself holed up in my room. Maybe i'm just shy. Maybe it's some stupid notion that because of their religious backgrounds I think they'll shun me or something to that effect.

On a side note, I have a feeling that sean resents my opinion on his religion, or religion in general. I've made comments in the past that I doubt I could date anyone from his circle due to religious differences. Honestly, I'd need to see proof that someone of that group could overlook the fact that I'm simply not religious. I'm really not prejudiced about their choice of religion. It's their lives; they can do what they want. Who am I to judge? I just have difficulty believing that someone with a strong religious background would be able to date me, that's all. I in no way mean any disrespect to sean or any of his friends or the others that follow in that particular faith.

But I digress. Perhaps it's that I'm not into rock band at all. I don't get anything from playing that game, so I choose not to participate. Perhaps that's it. Nothing more, nothing less. I've noticed that I actually have to keep myself away from my decks when they're around. I'm pretty sure all I want is for them to ask me to spin some music sometime. I want the attention. :) Don't we all, though.\

Perhaps I just want someone to be interested in my music; something which no one has shown an interest in to date. Music is what I'm most passionate about. Where are all the people who feel the same? Will someone please point the way?

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