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written by alan on October 09, 2002

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I had a nice long chat with molly last night. Now i remember why she rocks so much :) We had a good heart-to-heart talk about jenn. In the end, its really helped me to see things better. My feelings were starting to spin out of control and i needed a way to channel them to one place. Now molly really knows how i feel about jenn, and this makes me very relived. At least someone is on my side about this.

*sigh* I wish jenn were there to share in our conversation...she'd have become aware of so much more. I found a few answers from molly tho...things that i've been wondering lately. Especially, why she doesn't talk much. Apparently she doesn;t talk much to anyone. So its not just me. I still don't quite know why she won't open up...not necessarily to me, but to someone. And it needs to be said here that i _want_ to talk to her. I so wish to talk with her how we used to. We used to have lengthy chats about whatever...nothing holding us back. The free expression of our own ideas an opinions was so refreshing. I miss that more than anything. Its one of the main reasons i like her so much...she always gave her opinion freely...logically.

And really, i don't care about the bad things thats going on...i don't care about her doesn't matter who she's with or what she's doing...i still care for her and have feelings for her. I'll continue to persue her until the last. She's worth it in my books. :)

When i come down to visit, hopefully things will go well. I hope that i (or whoever else) can make jenn happy...i want to see her happy more than anything. She needs happiness in her life...she needs the sweet instead of all the sour. She's waited long enough.

On another note, i had a little chat with nathan as well...nathan being molly's fiancee :) This guy rocks too. He starts talking to me in C++ code! This impressed me very much since it seems like the three of them are turning out to be geeks. Awesome. Now i'm sure i'll have a good time when i go down. It'll be an excellent first vacation, and i can;t wait for it :)

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