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written by alan on September 09, 2006

And so this journey ends while another begins. I write from Chicago's O'Hare Airport (ORD, if you must) on the last leg of my flight home. My vacation was interesting. I thought I might not enjoy it as people wanted me to. Granted, we didn't get to St.Louis to see the zoo or go to the renaissance fair in Kansas City, however I met several new people. Two of these new people I may be keeping in contact with a bit more. One of them, Jessica, is interesting. She's gotten herself into a rut with her life but has so much potential for more. She's an artist, which instantly impressed me. Her works are very nice and she plans to completely decorate her apartment with them. The other, Amber, is the kind of woman that is very hard to come by but a real treat when found. She shares my beliefs on religion and is a writer and computer programmer. Unfortunately, her family does not share in her desire to write and is actually trying to suppress it. I expressed my distaste for that to her. No one should be denied the right to express themselves creatively. I do it with my music all the time. I'd probably go crazy if I couldn't mix music. It still is the one thing that truly makes me happy, no matter what my current situation. If i'm mixing, i'm happy.

It is still going to take me time to deal with the breakup. I'm coming to accept that more and more. Until I find someone else, however, I will have to continue doing what i've always done. Practice my mixes, work on my journal site and try to generally enjoy myself. I think my next major objective is to get some new artwork for the apartment. I'll have to save up for a couple months, but I fully intend to pick up that $300 piece from Bowrings. I think it would look perfect on the other wall. I'll also have to hang my degree, seeing as I haven't gotten to that yet either.

I called ahead to Wes when I was in St.Louis an hour ago. He said that he was planning to go to YukYuks tonite. I inquired if he could get me a ticket so I could join. Naturally, he agreed. So, when I get back to Toronto and locate my car, I'll be giving him a call and heading around. I might just drive to Yorkdale and park there unless he has other ideas. I think I'll give Justin a call tomorrow and catch up with him. I'm curious to see how his situation is progressing. Hopefully, he has made some headway into a resolution. He never needed this crap in the first place, although there will probably be more of it in his future.

Needless to say, this vacation was different from the last. I shall have at least one or two posts to make regarding the events that transpired. Stay tuned...

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