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written by alan on October 11, 2002

Music: Sinead O'Connor - T.R.O.Y. (John Creamer & Stephane K Mix)

If any of you have been following the events of the past few weeks of my life, you know what kind of stuff i'm going thru.

I put it to you to give me your thoughts on the whole shebang. I certainly could use some fresh viewpoints on this.

I hope at least one of you has some thoughts (or rants) to share about this....if so, by all means send me an e-mail! :)

...and in case that doesn't work, try (its a zero, not an 'o' in t0ast).

Thanks to all of you who faithfully read my little stories, etc. :)

(note: this entry will stay around for a couple days...just so everyone gets to read it)

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