First Vacation
from the finally-some-time-off department.
written by alan on October 06, 2002

Music: BNL - Lovers in a Dangerous Time / Jane

Not much to report today. Just another lazy sunday :) Got more studying done, did the usual chores, watched the usual tv shows. I did manage to speak to molly today and found out that the whole wedding thing is very near completion. I still have to talk with her fiancee sometime soon, just so we know each other a bit...don't wanna be a total stranger, eh? And in better news, jenn has agreed to do dinner with me when i come to visit. This is awesome :) It should be an interesting occasion. I hesitate to categorize it as a formal 'date', but why bother, eh? We're friends enjoying a good time together...unless she wants it to be a bit more formal. We'll cross that bridge when we get there tho. It'll be the perfect place to catch up a little more on each other's lives...and enjoy a good meal.

I'll have to get a little stargazing in when i'm down there. I always manage to do a little of that whenever i travel. Its just another of those little things about this existance that one must stop to appreciate. Also, i'm gonna try to see a good sunrise too. Jenn is more than welcome to come along with me if she desires it. I think she'd enjoy it too :) It looks to me like she's in need of a good night out with someone...or more of them anyhow. She always seems to be stressed out or feeling terrible about something. It'll be nice to see her happy for a while. I'm sure she won;t mind that at all.

So tomorrow is the start of our last week of cisco classes. And it should be the last week i study for a test. I plan to write my final MCSE test next week, or the monday after. I'm well on the way to being prepared, so its only a matter of time now. It'll feel so good to finally be done school. 19 years at it should be enough to get a good start on life. And who knows...i may be hanging around here for a few years yet. There's some potentially exciting things happening at work, so i may not be done with them yet :)

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