Forward and Backward
from the action-reaction department.
written by alan on October 30, 2002

Music: R.E.M. - Automatic For The People (album)

Thats what its like for me right now...a bunch of forward and reverse events. Its like everything I do lately is being cancelled out by something else. An optimist would take this time to point out that this state would be "breaking even", which is true. No loss, but no gain. It's almost like I'm in limbo of those painful, long, drawn-out limbos.

I've decided to take up a new hobby alongside my endless computers and DJ'ing. I'd tell you all what it is, but I must hold it back for a while. There's an alterior motive to me doing this. Now, its not a total waste if things don't go how i'd like since i'll have experienced something new to me, which will shape my life in interesting ways. Even as I just start to venture into it, I'm already fascinated. Hehehe....i know you're all dying to know what it is i've gotten myself into this time. You'll just have to wait and see. ;)

School draws to a close on friday. Thats just 2 little days away. The culmination of 19 years of continual education and test-taking...all in 48 hours. Ohhhh how i can't wait to finally be done with it. I can finally get to doing stuff that _I_ want to do. Work is much more fun than school to me. At work, I can apply my knowledge to new problems and find neat ways of doing stuff. Unlike school where I have to constantly suck in knowledge and process it at a set pace, work is one place where I learn and digest however fast or slow I want.

As well, i'll be resuming my exercises, which had been cut short as of late due to my rounding-up of school. I'll also be getting back to a few items that i'd left on the backburner for the last year or so. And then there's my life...or whats left of it at this point. It needs to leave what its experienced behind and move to something new...something different. A change of pace, if you will. This will include (in no particular order) establishing more of a night life, getting myself into a relationship, travelling around, exposing myself to new music, and expanding my views on life. Most important of all, i'll finally be able to enjoy some peace and tranquility for a change. No more stress. I will finally be able to rest comfortably, knowing that good times await.

Tomorrow I have two tests...lets hope i've digested enough for that. :)

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