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from the have-a-pleasant-tomorrow department.
written by alan on September 24, 2002

Music: Fantastic Plastic Machine - Philter / First Class '77 / Steppin' Out

Not too much happening as of late. I've learned that my last cert exam won;t be as easy I as imagined. One of the guys in my class wrote it a couple days ago and didn't make it...he says its pretty difficult. Of course, this is a guy who doesn;t (in my opinion) take the time to actually learn the concepts. So, it wasn;t a big surprise that he didn;t pass that one. Nevertheless, this has prompted me to slow down and take my time to study the material. Which reminds me, i need to get back into the study groove again. These last few days i've been messing around with my music and such, so i haven't been making the effort to study. This will change tho.

Once again, some of my thoughts of late have been filled with going to visit jenn and molly. Possible scenarios play themselves out in my head endlessly. I oft wonder what it will be like to hang out with them. Jenn especially. She's agreed to accompany me on my nightly walks (if & when i make it down there), so at least I won;t be alone. I so look forward to talking at length with her. There is much to share from both sides, i'm sure. Still, when i really stop to think about things, a hard reality sets in. Maybe she won;t be what i expect. Perhaps something about her will completely turn me off. I have to totally accept the possibility that things may not go how i'd wish them to. I have my doubts that things will proceed at all how i'd like...but i'll of course make a concious effort to just have a good time. Whatever happens, happens. There's no karma...just the randomness of the universe in play here. I can still dream tho, right? ;)

Tomorrow is the 1st birthday of DropNet...a small IRC network that i've recently become a part of. A few mutual friends started it and invited me in. I'll be spinning a special music set in commemoration of this event and i hope all of you can take a listen. Its going to be a trance set, so those that aren;t quite into that genre may wish to stay away. But, there's always a first time :) I'll be posting the streaming URL tomorrow for you all to on the lookout for it! It won;t disappoint. Its gonna be a high quality those with modems prolly won;t be able to keep up, but you can try. I hope you all make it...

laterz :)

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