Gassy? Gassy?
from the its-gas-isn't-it department.
written by alan on August 26, 2002

Music: Higher Intelligence Agency - Skank

Well someone got their ass fired today. I was en-route back to school from my lunch break when i spotted a fire truck blocking one of the entrances to the college. Unable to drive in that way, I swung around the couple city blocks to the opposite entrance and was able to enter fine. After i park my car (in a very far-away spot) and walk over to where today's instructor was standing, I was apprised of the situation. Apparently some numbnuts busted a main gas line while digging a trench. I thought these people were trained a little better. Haven't we all seen the signs? 'Call before you dig!' So, after waiting it out, the gas leak was shut off and the building inspected and cleared of any lingering fumes. Those that stuck it out were let back in and returned to whatever they were doing.

Needless to say, my class was empty save the instructor and myself. We didn;t get started again until an hour after everyone got let in. And now as i type this there are 8 people (including myself) that have to brave thru the rest of the boring day. How quaint.

I haven't been able to shake these thoughts and feelings of incompleteness lately. Ever since Jenn and I had that conversation about the wedding I've been feeling the depression of being single set in again. Upon inspecting the situation from a bigger picture, i've realized that my eagerness to visit jenn may be another of my futile attempts at filling the void in my life. I know jenn has other people she's more interested in, and it'd be wrong of me to try and intrude upon them just for my own needs. Its like everyone i've ever had the chance of getting close to ends up either having other people on their minds, or doesn't really appeal to me anyways. (just for clarification, jenn certainly _does_ appeal to me....its the former reason i'm speaking of.) *sigh* I find this is like losing weight. Unless i get positive feedback...some kind of incentive to tough it out and keep going, it seems too futile to continue.

I really do hope i can get some positive feedback on this task. Its fast becoming the most important thing on my list. One more thing tho...just to let you all in on a little secret...I CAN'T READ MINDS! So, if you want me to know something, don't expect me to pick it up from your obscure signals and body language...just tell me dammit! Communication is the key!

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