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written by alan on July 31, 2003

Music: the sound of 3 computers starting up

I had an interesting thought a couple of nights ago. I meant to post here last night about it, but I had been feeling rather crappy. So, I went to the pub with a couple of friends instead. That actually helps, incase any of you were wondering.

So, back to my interesting thought. It had occurred to me that perhaps the reason that I haven't found that 'special someone' is because it might impact my immediate future too harshly. Think about it...if all the emotional stress and general crappyness that I experienced surrounding my feelings for Jennifer were as harsh as they were, I'd probably not be able to handle all the emotions that would come from a _real_ relationship. It would begin to negatively impact my work and my goals (we'll get to that a bit later). At this point, I need my job. I need to generate cash so I can eventually move away from here and continue on with my life.

I had planned to leave this city in a couple years and find a new job elsewhere in the province. Then maybe 3 or 4 years after that I thought I'd start travelling...maybe move out west for a while and work there. Then maybe a few years later I'd try moving out east. After another few years I'd try moving to the States, then abroad...somewhere like the U.K., Germany, France...maybe even Japan or China. Japan would definately be cool. But I want to do something with my life...and I think these goals will allow me to enjoy some of what this existance (on this planet) has to offer. Relationship or no, I fully intend to do these things. There is NO way i'm staying here for the rest of my life.

I had a really strange dream last night too. But I'll let you in on that tomorrow :)

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