Gut Rot
from the 24-hour-grand-slam department.
written by alan on March 25, 2003

Music: Delerium - Duende / Delerium - Underwater / Delerium - Dark Matter

I solved a few neat problems at work today...that has made me happy. I also spent my lunch visiting some of my former teachers at high school. They always love it when I come to visit. It's great to catch up with people who've had an influence on your gives you (and them i'd imagine) a sense of satisfaction. They, of course, were proud of where I've gotten since I had left that school...and i'll continue to make the best the knowledge they gave me.

Anyways, to continue where I left off last time...after we had jammed for a while at Alex's place, the bunch of us loaded into cars and drove up to a 24-hour Denny's for food. 24-hour-Denny's...24-hour!!!! I'd never heard of a Denny's open 24 hours before that night. OMG! Crappy food...and you can get it any time you want! Yes, you too can Grand Slam your stomach into the nearest toilet at 3:00am :) Okay, maybe i'm being a mite harsh, but their food isn't the best. We all ate our fill and proceeded back to Alex's place to finish watching Robin Williams Live on Broadway. That man is THE single funniest person on the planet. No one will ever beat him. NEVER. And before I saw that video I had no idea just how raw he could be on stage. I always thought he was more reserved than that. Damn...I couldn't stop laughing...and thats a good thing to me :)

So the stage has been set for upcoming events. On April.20, I will be attenting Club Viva in Markham for Paul van of the best DJ's to grace the planet. Having missed him on numerous other occasions, this will certainly make up. As well, I will be heading down to Pine Knob (read: DTE Energy Music Center) to experience Pearl Jam live, in concert. I've been told they rarely tour, so it will certainly be a pleasure to check them out live. I do enjoy their music, despite the mixed reviews i've had from some people.

My vacation plans may be a little messed up this summer. Apparently Molly and Nathan have fallen on some difficult times and may be moving to a different city. I can only with the best of luck to them...i know things will work out in the end...they always do :) That's one of the things that makes life interesting...

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