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written by alan on October 20, 2002

Music: Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient Works Volume 2 (disc 1)

whew! what a weekend. Its still kind of a blur, actually. However, i'll do my best to recap. Let's set the way-back machine for 2 days, shall we?

After the thursday night festivities (a.k.a bunch of people drinking brain cells away at a local pub), friday settled in to be an average day. Nothing too special, just a bit of school in the morning, and a bunch of work in the afternoon. All was decent with the world again. :) That evening, justin and I went to the local video store to rent a couple anime movies. It had been quite a while since I'd seen any of that genre, so i thought this weekend would be a good time to start. We rented two of them...'Metropolis' and 'The End of Evangelion'. The former we watched at his place since it was closer, and considerably warmer than my basement. All I can say is 'wow!'...that movie was spectacular. Unfortunately, as with every anime flick i've ever seen, the ending was quite sad, and at the same time hard to understand. I'll have to watch it again to see if i missed anything. Jenn said the movie was pretty good, and i totally agree.

After watching said movie, i proceeded home to watch the one movie i purchased (to own) while I was at the store. Tron: The 20'th Anniversary Edition. An excellent movie. Hailed as a milestone in computer animation, Tron has got to be the best computer-based movie ever created. Hell with all the 'Hackers' and 'War Games' type movies...this one was not only about computers, it was created on them as well. Also, since I had never seen the widescreen version of the film, it was fun to check out all the bits that got cut out of the tape version. So, after watching the movie, i proceeded to bed...I was rather tired and desperately needed sleep. In the morning, I sauntered downstairs to watch the supplemental material that came with the Tron package. That stuff blew me away. Its always really neat to see how a film such as that comes together...and apparently, there was much detail to it. Because of the lack of technology in the early 80's, Tron was actually pieced together frame-by-frame since each shot needed special backlighting techniques. It must have taken them years to get it finished. All in all, it was very cool. There was even hints of an impending 'Tron 2.0', which will totally rock if it gets made.

For the rest of saturday afternoon, I just sat downstairs at my computer listening to the latest tracks i pulled off the next in the past week. I really need to burn another cd of singles for my next set. The ones i have now are starting to get old on me. Later on that night, i went out for a coffee with justin and rod...nothing too spectacular, just the usual chat about whatever. Then we ventured over to a local pool hall for a pint and some more chatter. It was clearly too early to go to a bar, so this seemed like the logical choice. After we each had a drink, we decided to head to the bar. En route, rod called amy up in London to see how she was doing...i thought nothing of it at the time, but soon rod came up with the idea (jokingly, at first) of maybe driving up there right then. I didn't have any objections as I had nothing to do today, and I clearly wasn't down with going to a local bar...the music just sucks. So, we decided to make the trek...of course, we had to inform justin of this. We asked if he wanted to come, but he had work this morning and couldn;t make it. He gave us both quite an evil look as he got into his car and raced wasn;t our intention to just stick him up like that, but we were tired of the local bars. Its no fun here! :)

So here we were, driving an hour to a different city at 12:00am on sunday. We were both quite shocked at how spontaneous the decision was, but as we got closer we thought nothing of it. When we arrived, I noticed that amy was right...her apartment was directly above a small pool hall, and a larger dance club. I would _LOVE_ to live there! I'd be in heaven...just feet away from a club that plays my kind of music. *sigh* So, after we all exchanged greetings, we raced down to the dance club to get a start on was only one hour until last call, so we had to hurry. We get in, and right away i pick up on the fact that it really is a gay bar we walked into. Its apparently one of the best gay clubs in London...but as my friends said, i shouldn't let that fool me...there were plenty of straight people there having a blast. So i decided to let everything go and have a good night...err, morning :) The music was exceptional...everyone was busy dancing and having a good time. I'd never felt so happy in years...just moving around on the dancefloor with great tunes in my ears. Truly, this was heaven. We decided to leave at around 3:00-ish and basically headed for home. A few feet later, we were there. Rod decided to check out this 'after-hours' club across the street while the three of us went inside and got comnfortable. The night's sleep was decent...escept for amy;s bloody spawn-of-satan budgie, which would not stop tweeting its little head off all night. Coupled with the fact that one of us (not me...) had decided to try a couple chemicals before bedtime, I was constantly being bumped and jostled awake by the unstillness of the person in question. Still, i managed to get a little sleep in, and all was good.

So that about sums up my weekend. I'll tell you all about what happened today, tomorrow. :) By then i should be a bit calmer since i'm stressing again for reasons you'll soon discover. Ta!

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