Hear Here
from the say-what? department.
written by alan on August 24, 2002

Music: Coldplay - Trouble / Yellow

Well, a couple things have been going on lately. First and foremost is a little wonkyness with my right ear. As some of you know, i suffered a 60% hearing loss in my left ear a few years ago due to unknown circumstances. I just woke up one morning and it was gone. I have, of course, learned to live with this as there's no treatment for it. However, it did come at an advantage since i can only really hear bass in that ear. Hence I can beatmatch music very well. :) Anyway, now my other ear is starting to develop a soft, constant tone in it, and some high-pitched sound is becoming slightly distorted. I hope this goes away, but if it persists by tomorrow, i'll have to go to emerg. and get something for it.

In other news, a couple nights ago I had a few guys from dropnet ( come over for a couple drinks. Present were myself, nirgle, kritz, and fusion - who made a long trek up here to canada to join us. We did a little battle-style trance mixing which was really cool. I'd never met anyone else into similar music styles as me (this being fusion i'm talking about). the guy's pretty cool...very soft spoken tho...i could barely hear the guy (bearing in mind my hearing loss as above).

In other, other news, the idea has been planted in my head to try to get to molly's wedding next year. This would be the perfect opportunity to finally meet her and jenn. Its been many years, but i still hold to the promise i made to jenn way back when....i'm gonna visit her. we've stuck together as friends for quite a while and i think its about damn time i go meet them. jenn especially. :) there's just something about her...i dunno how to explain. I guess because she's had similar life experiences as I that we can relate pretty well. *sighs* we shall see what happens...i'm hoping i can muster a week or two vacation around that time so i can fly down and see them both. i'm sure they'd both love it :)

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