I.T. + Beaurocracy = SysAdmin Hell
from the red-tape department.
written by alan on January 21, 2002

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Nothing could be further from the truth. I.T. and red tape do not mix. And why should they? I mean, it has become my view that without an I.T. department, many companies today could not do business. If the job market weren't so crappy for people in my field, you'd most likely see more advances in corporate network technology. I.T. _is_ the business. The CIO should be what the CEO presently is. Whole companies should live and die by their I.T. departments. Case in point: Wes presents me with an interesting networking problem in the form of a rant...a well founded rant at that. The easiest solution to said problem would be the installation of a simple Linux-based router box. But noooooooo, Microsoft must be the product of choice, creating dozens of crappy problems to be worked around and hacked up. The other solution which his employer wishes to use (but can't for reasons that will become apparent) would be a conversion to good ol' Windows 2000 from Windows NT. Unfortunately, 2000 can't participate on an NT network in the way that would be needed, and its just not in the cards to do a full upgrade of all existing servers...too many days of downtime...too much money lost. I'll cut this one short here....more as develops. :)

On a lighter note, i've fixed up my website (as you may have guessed). The problem was - as usual - something small that I overlooked. To skip the technical details, i was dumping packets that were supposed to create new connections thereby preventing _anyone_ from connecting to me. Magically, everything started to work better after i removed that little annoyance.

In class today, I managed to learn something for once. A few scattered things about NTFS permissions (if you don't know what that is, ignore it). So, I guess school is starting to shape up into something I can use for the future. One big lesson learned tho, never leave open shares in a class of computer geeks. Your hard drive will suddenly get very full from stupid pranks. :)

Side note: one of the web comics i read caught my attention...see if you can guess why.

Whatever - By: Eliot Lucas (its good it today!)
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