I Got Stress
from the analyze-this department.
written by alan on October 21, 2002

Music: Interpol - Untitled / Obstacle 1 / NYC / pda

To continue from yesterday, after I had got home from the little excursion of the weekend, i went downstairs to get a much needed nap. It felt sooooo good to finally get some uninterrupted sleep. It only lasted an hour or two, but it greatly helped. After this, I decided to pop in the other anime film i rented a couple days prior...'The End of Evangelion'. I know i shouldn't have seen it until i'd seen the rest of the series, but at least now i know what its about.

The ending was very hard to understand. Rampant with symbolism, its gonna take a couple more viewings before i get it totally. This made me come to a realization that all of the anime movies i've seen (with the exception of a couple) have very symbolic endings. Akira instantly sprang to mind. The ending of that didn;t hit me until i'd seen it a couple times through. And after finally understanding it, i became very attracted towards anime movies. The painstaking detail that's put into them just fascinates me. Its unfortunate that I can;t get very many anime movies around here...there's just no market for it. It was better when I lived in waterloo since they had an entire movie store dedicated to anime and american cartoons. My roomates and I didn;t rent much from it since we were big into gaming at the time, but what we did rent was very good :)

That stress I was talking about? It came from seeing the ending to this particular movie. I don;t want to give it away, but the mental anguish of one of the characters was very overwhelming. Just a side note here...I tend to really get into the movies i watch...i try to feel what the characters are feeling. This sometimes gets to be hard on me as an excess of emotion usually erupts from within and causes quite a bit of negativity from me. It doesn;t last long...maybe one night, but it hurts nonetheless. So this one character had expressed his 'need' for one of the females in the movie, however she repeatedly turned him down. Eventually she grew a complete distaste and hatred for this man and would stop at nothing to make him feel bad. He soon hit his breaking point and strangled her to death...something he never completely got over. I can;t go into it any more since it would give away the full ending, but needless to say, it was quite emotional. It left me with a very bitter taste...and my family felt that the rest of the night. I'm over it now, but it still hurts to look back on it.

Anyways, i'll be leaving here (school) for work shortly. There's still more stuff to do before I can launch my next piece of software. Until later...

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