I'm on the market
from the push-upstairs department.
written by alan on October 18, 2002

Music: Bent - Welly Top Mary / Blue Six - Love Yourself / Morgan Geist - Lullaby

Welp, it looks like i'm gonna put myself on the market. The relationship market, that is. A rather long talk with wes last night (or should i say, this morning) gave me more to think about. It now seems that because i'll have so much free time on my hands when school is finished, I should concentrate on meeting some new people. So, i've decided to explore some of those online dating ad service thingies...y'know, get myself out there a bit...test the waters, so to speak.

Apparently, the guys in my class put a crappy picture of me up on lo, i recieved a 6.7 at last count. So i figure i'll get an even higher rating with a good picture and a decent description. It was really flattering to learn that i'm not totally ugly (heh...forgive that low image of myself...). Also, i'm calling in all my friends that know single women...there's bound to be some interesting people come outta that.

So, now I just have to find a good picture of myself, and write up a decent description of me and what i'm looking for. I have hopes that i'll get a few interested parties...but i'm still reserved about how far any of this will go. I've always been really shy about dating. I went on this one date a few years ago that was nothing short of a total waste of my time. Of course, i learned to be much more thorough about who i go out with...the criteria must be a very close fit. I've got enough close friends as it is...i don;t think i need any more...what i need is a companion. There must be one out there. Any takers? ;)

Anyhoo...time for a nice, relaxing weekend. Much sleep and music-listening is to be well as a little journal coding. Gotta get those new features in :)

Later all...

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