In The Meantime
from the tired-n-happy department.
written by alan on February 13, 2003

Music: Radiohead - Fog / The Tragically Hip - Lake Fever / Treble Charger - Ever She Flows / Lisa Loeb - Do You Sleep / Spacehog - In The Meantime

*yawn* Boy, am I ever tired! I've done nothing but stay out late this week. And tonite, despite multiple people asking me if I wish to go to the pub, I have decided to stay home and rest. Tonite, tomorrow night, and Saturday night will be ample time for sleep. Since i'm not involved in Valentine's Day this year (and haven't ever been, really), i'll be spending the time making myself happy. Sleep, TV, and mixing music :)

There's not much new on the horizon for me. I may be attending YukYuk's in the coming weeks. For those of you who are non-Canadian, YukYuks is a stand-up comedy chain across the country. Some of the funniest people can be found within...and I certainly enjoy a good laugh. So that'll be interesting. I believe Wes, Amy, and I will make a night/weekend out of it. Do a little dinner, watch a little comedy, perhaps some shopping...just have a generally good 'ol time :) occurred to me just recently that even though all this crap has happened, maybe Jenn was right after all. For whatever reason, I feel that much happier now that I have a close friend to talk to. Someone who understands me (at least somewhat), and someone who I can understand. And as much as I wanted Jenn to be that person, it turns out that its Molly who has filled that role. I couldn;t be happier with that :) I absolutely love talking to her (and apparently vice versa). She always finds a way to make me smile...whether or not that was her intention doesn't matter. *sigh* I so can;t wait to see her again. She's so awesome to be matter what may be happening. Sometimes I wish I could bring out qualities in Jenn that I find in Molly. I know she has them, but she's very reluctant to let them out. I'm very certain that she'd be pleasantly surprised if she let that part of herself show. Someone once told me that I'd be surprised at the outcome if I let more of my emotional side show through. I think thats happening now, and they're right...i _am_ surprised :)

Work is the same as always...very tiring. It take s alot out of me. But, it fits my talents. I doubt i've solved so many problems outside of work as i have inside it. Thats another thing that makes me happy :) More on this later...

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