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written by alan on November 08, 2002

Music: Coldplay - Clocks / Pole Folder - Enter the rhythm

...and finally, i have ceased to be a statistic! :) The kind folks at CanWeb have hired me to a 7 month contract. This has made me happy. Now there's no more uncertainty as far as my job...and i can now settle down to getting my life on track.

I have done the inevitable....i've posted my picture to a couple of those personals sites. Wes graciously snapped a few photos of me last night using jay's camera (thanks dude!), and i've selected the best one of the lot to show the world of single women...or whomever happens by any of my ads. I don;t have particularly high hopes for any of these sites, but no one knows what the future may hold. Perhaps there is someone as lonely as I am who's willing to give me a shot. I only wish :)

Tonite will be kinda crappy tho. It is the night when my sister and I set up one of our friends (one each, that is) on a little date. Its crappy for me becuase i'll be jealous. Actually, i already am jealous. Why the hell couldn;t it be me getting set up with someone like that? Its just that every one of my friends has dated...way more times than I have. I've only had one official date in my entire life....and that was the biggest waste of my afternoon ever. Wes saw it in a different light, however. He says that its just another learning experience...and i did learn something. I learned to be a little more inquisitive to potential dates before the actual event transpires. Information is always key. The date I had went on was so crappy because we had practically nothing in common...she was younger and not as educated with a very un-appealing mannerism. If i had been a little more inquisitive, i may have found this our before actually spending 3 hours with her. And in a city like this, 3 hours of doing nothing is a LONG time.

*sigh* I hope this lonliness ends sometime....its hard to cope. I'm not saying i can;t cope...its just very difficult. I'd settle for a nice, long hug at this point. No cuddling, no romance...nothing but a big hug. Baby steps...

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