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written by alan on April 06, 2003

Music: Depeche Mode - The Love Theives / Mu-Ziq - Hasty Boom Alert / Hooverphonic - 2 Wicky

Hmm...the weekend was decent. I got some server-side work done, and managed to start cleaning out the loads of old computer parts that I have stored up here. The bulk garbage truck makes its way past my place this tuesday, so I must be prepared :) In crappy news, the Paul van Dyk event in Toronto was cancelled due to the SARS health situation. That pissed me off quite a bit. However, the good thing is he's playing in Ann Arbor (half the drive) this Thursday...excellent :) It may even work out to be cheaper than seeing him in Toronto.

In other news, I am now an official node of the DropNet IRC network. You can all come and visit on (ports 6667 and 8000) in #dropnet. Its an excellent place to meet some new (and interesting) people. Also, I have just purchased tickets to see Neil Young and Crazy Horse LIVE at Pine Knob. The kicker is that its the same week as Pearl Jam is playing...and i'm seeing that too!! This summer will definitely be an excellent one for concerts.

Its getting closer and closer to when i'll have to finialize my summer vacation plans. It looks more and more like Molly and Nathan will not be able to make it up to see me. But, I'll surely be able to go and visit them. I just have to purchase a round-trip plane ticket. I really do miss everyone there. Molly & Jenn especially. Molly's always to fun to talk to on the phone...I dunno what i'd do without her sometimes :) Jenn's just awesome to hang'd have to see it to understand tho ;)

The photos section should be live within a week or so. I'm just getting my preview section up for people to review. I don;t like the idea of posting piccys without permission. I dunno if they don't want their faces splattered on my i have to ask :)

until later...

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