Just One
from the oceans-of-people department.
written by alan on December 09, 2002

Music: Interpol - Untitled / Obstacle 1 / NYC / PDA / Coldplay - Clocks

I'm surprised at how easily i'm getting over that low depression from yesterday. It just goes to show that a few well-placed tracks can help you through anything. :) To be specific, it was when i chanced upon a journal belonging to a friend of mine that the feelings were aroused. I suppose its better to get over them now than to leave them stewing for a while. I'd rather not go through the same terrible low as I endured during sept. - oct. of this year.

It seems that I have come across another person who journals about similar subjects as myself. Kudos to you :) (You know who you are!) I hope my writings give you some insight into your own. Another viewpoint, no? This is what I wish for anyone that reads my thoughts...just a different perspective on life. Think on it, play with it, tear it apart....go on, have fun with it. And most important of all...please tell me what you think! I neeeeeed feedback.

And y'know, its really been my work that has brought be back from the doldrums. I put so much of my energy into it that i have little time or emotion left for anything else. This is most likely a good thing for the time being. I can just be myself and do things my way without worrying about too much else. Sure, there's the occasional extra job to do, or people to hang out with (which i enjoy), but its mostly just me doing whatever i want. Whether thats listening to hours of music, or just vegging out in front of the TV, its what i wanna do. I have years of screwing around that i've missed and its catch-up time :) To hell with this incessant worrying about a relationship. Something will come up eventually. I know that my wish to explore young love might be sacrificed, but if thats what it takes, then thats what it takes. There's no point in rushing something like that. I want it to be right the first time...not after endless dating and searching. I don't want to pour my feelings out to many people, just one. Thats all i want...just one person. I _know_ thats not too much to ask.

There are billions of people on this planet...and i just want one. Thats more than doable, don't you agree?

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