Just like the prodigal son
from the i've returned department.
written by alan on July 28, 2002

Music: Telepopmusik - Breathe

Yes, as you may have guessed the title (as well as the dept.) refer to a lyric by House of Pain....just try to guess the song :)

So, after what seems (and actually is) like a half a year, i'm finally back with another entry. The site is only now taking actual shape. The coding of the journal system is extremely near completion, and all is well. So whats been happening with me, you ask? Quite a bit, actually.

For starters, it looks like CanWeb has given me an offer for a permanent position when i'm done school...and this has made me happy. They challenge me a great deal there with not only having to re-write software, but streamlining their operations with some innovative new ideas. I doubt i'd take any other crappy IT job...even if it payed more. Sure, i can do any IT job out there, but I want something that challenges me all the time. Not just some routine install software here and fix a server there tasks. I know wes' job is like that, and he tells me he wouldn't trade it for the world.....well, not in so many words i'm sure. To be honest, i never thought he'd get into administration as much as he has...i always thought he was more of a coder. or at least that's what i thought he liked more. but i digress...

On the home front, i have temporarily moved my living quarters to the basement. this isn't much of a change since i'm now sleeping there instead of sleeping upstairs. i spend most of my time down here anyways :) My grandmother is gracing our presence for a month, hence the move. When my grandmother (on my dad's side) comes to visit, it is an especially joyous occasion as she has much money to spend and nothing (but her grandkids, i.e. me) to spend it on. oh yeah, and she likes american currency....cha-ching!

The relationship front is as barren as usual. Nothing much to report here. No advancements. No retreats either. In fact, imagine a large clearing in a forest....i'm standing in the middle. Thats it. Wow totally :) On a lighter note, I'll be getting my decks sometime this week as my mom is travelling to toronto on business. she suggested i write down what stuff i wanted info on and she'd look up some prices when she was there. this also means that she'll pick up something if i tell her the price is right....and the price _will_ be right....

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