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written by alan on August 12, 2002

Music: Silent Poets - Moment Scale (Dubmaster X Remix)

Alas, it is late. This entry will not be very long, for I am tired and a whole other day awaits.

I really must buckle down and study these last couple tests and write them. Everything will be over then. I can never just up and start studying. I have to get 'in the mode'...whatever that means. Its like procrastination has become a way of life for me, and i really need to kick it. But you know what thats like....trying to kick a habit. Very hard stuff, indeed. I need some sort of coercion (sp?)...some incentive over and above the standard 'we'll be proud of you' or 'you'll be finished school' and the like.

In other news, it came to my attention that amy is now living extremely close to a gay bar. Now, please do not take this as an offense to any homosexuals...i have nothing but respect for the way of life people choose. its none of my business. But, i guess this raises a couple issues regarding my view of homosexuals. True one of my very good friends is gay, and Lord knows i love the guy. He rocks. Always around to get a rise out of ya. But i just suddenly find myself uncomfortable when faced with going into a big room filled with mostly people practicing this lifestyle. Wes says there's nothin to it...they just want to be left alone as much as i do. If this is indeed the case, then I have nothing to worry about. Hopefully it is.

More as develops...

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