Long story short...
from the hmmmmmmmreality department.
written by alan on September 05, 2002

Music: Solaris - Sunrise / Akabu f. Linda Clifford - Ride The Storm (Joey Negro Dub Storm)

Apologies for no entry yesterday...was too tired to think of stuff to write about. So anyways, i get home for lunch today to find my sister in tears. After querying for her reason, she imformed me that her bf had left to go back to school today. Let it be known that his school is a 10 hour car drive away from where we live. At first i felt a little sympathy for her being it was her first long distance relationship. But after she kept going and going i lost that respect. She really has no right to feel the way she does. She's too immature about the relationship. She needs to realize that just becuase she can't hang off him every night for a few weeks, doesn't mean its the end of the world. I mean, look at me! I've had _no one_ my entire life...and yes, i've had my depressed moments...or in the previous case, a week...but i don;t keep on like that. I don't start arguments with my parents, etc over it. Its just something one must deal with in life. Life sucks. It can't not suck...that would defy the purpose of existance.

So i keep telling her that its not a big deal...of course, she doesn't listen. Hell, what do i know. I'm only older and have more general life experience. What could she possibly learn from me. TONS! She has too much pride to listen to it tho. She came up with a (BS, imho) reason for why there's nothing i can tell her about relationships...the simple fact that i haven;t had one. This is total crap. I've seen enough other relationships close up to gain knowledge about it. So, when i say something about relationships, it usually has (some) truth to it. But, i guess she's fated to learn things the hard way. And beleve me, there certainly are times when i wish she'd learn the _really_ hard way.

We shall see what tonite brings...

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