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written by alan on August 08, 2002

Music: Brothomstates - Adozenaday / LTJ Bukem - Suspended Space

Things may actually be looking up in class. Dave (the ITP facilitator) has actually decided to let go of most of the BS that he's been shovelling onto us for the past 9 months. He's now suddenly more concerned with us passing the course than us conforming to the (sic) format of the course. We now get to decide how we're organized, how we approach projects, and most importantly, the amount of BS we have to go thru to get stuff done. The value of such BS being extremely low as compared to it being extremely high when the course started.

After conversing with Sean for a few minutes, he's agreed to put a link to this journal thingie on his site. Huzzah for me! :) Now i get some free publicity! Also, after a comparable short conversation with Wes, he's clued me in to a couple of places where I can advertise my ramblings and others would be likely to read. If this is you, welcome! :) Please e-mail your thoughts to the link above. I always love a good argument.

My co-op report is finished after only 1/2 hour of effort. I did everything that I was supposed to do...well according to the e-mail anyway. Hopefully Dave will read it and just give me the mark. There's no point in arguing semantics here...the report is done, and its done how he wanted. End of story.

In other news, I will most likely be attending Club VIVA in Markham this coming August.23 to see german DJ Johan Gielen spin his stuff. This promises to be full of energy....i can't wait! Wes wishes to join as well...i hope it turns out better than the last time we went.

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