from the dehydration department.
written by alan on September 15, 2002

Music: Sasha - Magnetic North / Cloud Cuckoo / Wavy Gravy

*sigh* I'm tired. ;) Tired from the festivities. All-in-all it was pretty good. I got many chances to play my music...lost of time to mingle with friends, etc. Good turnout overall. Everyone had a good time, i think. There were no adverse comments. Prognosis: good! :)

So today will be spent relaxing and recovering from much alcohol ingestion. Not too much, mind you. But i'll be the last time I have Colt 45 for a while. That stuff is horrible going down, but i certainly does get you drunk very cheaply. True, some people tell me that I shouldn't drink it because its what 'bums' drink...or what they drink in the 'ghetto'. Big i give a rats a$$ what people think about what i drink. Its cheap, and quite effective for killing brain cells. It may be less healthy than other alcoholic beverages, but what are ya gonna do, eh?

I suddenly have a longing for romanticism. Don't ask why, but its just one of those things i enjoy. I'll have to go looking for some good fanfics to satisfy this craving. Those are the only things I can find that I like reading. Actual romantic novels aren't my thing....the plots are all too 'human'. I prefer a little fantasy in my helps the creativity.

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