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written by alan on April 25, 2003

Music: Marumari - Indigo Florist / Plaid - Coat / Aphex Twin - Rhubarb

Another week done. Another dollar earned. At this point I'm not sure that there's much more to my life...aside from those close to me. I have managed to get in some movie-watching time, however. Rick recommended that I watch 'Spirited Away'...a relatively new film done in the Anime style. It apparently won an oscar for best animated picture. I must say I enjoyed it very much! It's been quite a while since i'd seen any anime movies. This oen sure rekindled my love for and interest in them. So much so that I went out and purchased the other two movies that Disney recently released by the same writer. They are (in no particular order) Kiki's Delivery Service, and Castle In The Sky.

Rick and I just finished watching Kiki's Delivery Service tonite, and I was amazed by it as well. An excellent story indeed. Kids wouldn't understand some of it though. It has been marked as a children's movie, and while there are many parts that kids can relate to, there's an underlying part that you'd have to be older to appreciate. There exists a certain veiled complexity to anime movies, which really piques my interest in them. When I go down to visit Jenn and Molly, I will have to hit them both up for a few good anime movies to watch. We'll have plenty of time to do so :)

While I'm on the subject of my vacation, Jenn has said that she'd teach me the proper way to use chopsticks. I'm really looking forward to some actual lessons on it. I've had to rely on observation to get me thru a couple interesting dinners. Let me tell you...eating sashimi with little experience on the chopsticks can be pretty hard...or hilarious, depending on which side of the table you sit at. I've almost got the eating rice thing down pat tho. I observed Eddie do it a great deal back in residence.

I've been feeling a whole bunch of emotions this week. A good smattering of everything. I've kept them under control, but as time goes on I feel as if I just want to let them go. Perhaps thats why i'm into the anime so much lately. There's an abundance of emotion in those movies...the Japanese language is pretty indicative of that. Some random linguist I found on the 'net described the Japanese language as Emotional, versus the English language as being Temporal. English is more concerned with when something happened, whereas Japanese is concerned with what people felt at the least that what I make of it. I still have quite a ways to go in learning the language, but with the proper encouragement I'm sure I can do it.

Oh btw: I'd like to send out a special *hugs* to a certain someone...just wanna let you know that I know how you feel, and I feel it too :) We'll talk more about it sometime, k?

Until later...

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