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written by alan on January 12, 2003

Music: Interpol - Turn On The Bright Lights (album)

Boy, am i ever tired! I'm utterly exhausted from the events of the past few days...last night especially. Wes and I ventured to Detroit to see Interpol live in concert. These guys are absolutely amazing. Excellent sound, beautiful vocals...a true testament to indie rock :) The event took place at St. Andrews Hall, just one floor above the famed 'Shelter'.

The Hall itself was a little on the old side, having seen a numerous amount of acts in its time. It looked to me like it had been converted from an old theater of some sort, much like Clutch Cargo's had been converted from an old church. It was still an excellent venue...and I came away with a concert t-shirt as well as a vinyl copy of their album. The price was right, so i figured i'd start my record collection with this band. They deserve the support!

In four days, i'll be taking my first flight in quite a few years...and it'll be to a place i've never been to meet people i've never met (physically) before. Its quite unnerving, actually. I have no real idea of what to expect from anybody or anything. And while the whole experience should prove interesting, there are some aspects of it that will keep me on-edge until they are over with. They are, of course, the formalities. I've never liked them...and i doubt I ever will. I've always enjoyed being as laid-back and comfortable as possible. It helps with my speech immensely. I always seem have the worst speaking ability when i'm nervous...or in a new situation. Molly says she will get me 'un-shy' as well...heh, this i have to see to believe. I don't think i get very un-shy that easily. It usually takes many weeks around someone for me to get used to them.

Nevertheless, i'm looking forward to meeting some new people...its something I need to do much more of. And we shall see who takes who out to dinner first, won't we Molly? ;)

Until next time...

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