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written by alan on October 27, 2002

Music: Bent - Swollen / Telepopmusik - Love Can Damage Your Health (Laid Mix) / Interpol - untitled

Wow...a whole week since i've written. I must apologize for not getting my act together. I've spent most of the past week working on the journal code and partying down :) School is in its last week (starting tomorrow), and i couldn;t be happier. I'll finally be able to try and start my life. As well, I ordered my Cisco 806 router last week, so i should have that in a week or two. That'll be wicked cool.

But now I come to an interesting question...what am i going to do with my network. When i get my router, my linux gateway will be useless except for hosting my little site here. I want to erase that box and use FreeBSD as my server OS, but I also want to reserve the box for my new years party, and then for running a DOS box. I could put my BBS back up and also use it for playing those ol skool demos. I'd have to get myself a packet driver for that, but i'm sure that's no problem...and the guys in dropnet can prolly help me set everything up for telnet access. On the flip side, I have a Windows 2000 server that i'm using for my antivirus software...and i don;t want to lose that. Its the only piece of software i've found that doesn;t have a damn subscription service to it. Only downside is that you need to run 2000 server for it. Bleh.

Right now, even though a relationship has been pushed to the backburner for a while, i still feel the lonliness. Its gonna be tough when i move out of this place. No one to talk to except the occasional friend...and thats whenever they make time for me. Although, i must say now that the guys in dropnet are starting to do stuff with me and my friends, things don't look so bad. Its not as good as if i had a companion with me, but it'll certainly do :) I so can;t wait for new years. That party promises to be the best i've ever had. Many people...much music...lots of fun to be had by all. And, of course, this year i'll try to get a webcam up to give you all a glimpse of what its like at my functions. Plus, i'll probably have a live stream of the music too...its gonna be so cool :)

Anyways, i'll write again tomorrow when i know how my last week of school is gonna turn out. Until then...

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