New Beginning
from the starting-anew department.
written by alan on November 02, 2002

Music: Lustral - Broken (Way Out West mix)

*sigh* I'm finally free of school. Nineteen years of education are finally done. It feels different tho. I guess i'm still adjusting to the shock of not having to go back to class on monday. Many old things are ending today, and many new things are beginning. I can't even begin to describe how good it feels to finally get working on my life. Its been put-off for so many years.

I had meant to drive up to London yesterday to take melissa out for dinner. However, since I couldn't get a hold of her or Amy to find a place to crash, i instead stayed here and saw a movie with justin. I'm going to try and head up there today, but i'll have to make sure to call everyone and see whats going on. I realized this morning that I can only crash at Amy's since mel has cats, and i'm rather allergic to them....i didn't say i hated them, just allergic. But it should be a good time nonetheless. Mel and I are friends from back at university, and i figure it'd be cool to do a little dinner...just talk about stuff...kinda catch up a bit more on each other.

Anyways, i'm not sure what i'll get into today. Maybe i'll sort out my music some more. I've got wayyyy to much on my hard drives and they need to be put in the correct boxes. :) Until later...

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