'No-Time' Tolouse
from the no-time-to-lose department.
written by alan on August 06, 2002

Music: Royksopp - Eple / Aphex Twin - We Are The Music Makers

School hath resumed and I hath been reminded why i hated it in the first place. The customary first day back is always the most boring, despite what i or anyone else may say about other so-called 'boring' days. We did one thing all day, which was 'tell everyone about your co-op'. Now, what dave (my program administrator) failed to inform us of was the fact that the new class would be joining in to listen. Nevertheless, i persevered. i actually did better than i had expected. Sure my presentation was short...make that the shortest at 2 minutes, which ended up being a good thing as everyone hated the long ones. I think i surprised many people with how well i spoke and how fluid things were. granted, if i had actually taken the time to prepare something it would have gone much, much better. but i'm happy with how it turned out. I think i'm actually beginning to get used to talking to people. which is excellent :)

Once again, i must resume studying for another blasted MCP exam. This one will undoubtedly get moved back a week also. That's life, i guess. As well, i have a co-op report due friday, which i'll prolly start tomorrow. today is almost over for me anyways, no time to actually do stuff tonite. yes, tomorrow is the key.

And yes, once again i'm starting to feel the depression of being single creep up. I've told many people of the finer points of being single. Lord knows i love being single most of the time. no arguments. no questions about money. the list goes on and on. but, the lonliness is the worst thing. Its the biggest price one has to pay for being single. it downright sucks. but, you knew that already. plus, lately i've caught myself trying to rationalize going after women i know. I realize that its futile to even try, but sometimes i can't help it. some instinct takes over and forces me to compliment women and strike up conversations. what's wrong with this, you ask? i'm not known for it, thats what. so my closest friends can see when i'm not being my usual self and realize that i'm just trying to fill the void in my life with a futile manuver (sp?). bleh..psyche too much to tangle with right now...later is good.

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