Off the backburner
from the getting-back-to-life department.
written by alan on August 04, 2003

Music: Erasure - Pop! 20 Hits (Album)

Once again, the weekend wasn't short enough. I've just started to get around to things that have been put off fora long time. It'd be nice to have another week or two off so I can get my journal code finially finished and get a good start at learning Japanese.

In 4 weeks, I will be happy once again. Well, maybe just very relieved. My sister will (finally) be going away to school...a school that's a 10 hour car ride away! YAY!!! I finally get the bloody place to myself for a while. It'll be nice to have a quiet dinner with my parents or enjoy a quite night alone at home without my sister constantly starting arguments and being generally bitchy. I swear she should get that checked out, but she's too ignorant of her own actions.

My CDs are almost all sorted out again. I've gotten all of my house and trance CDs put away in their own binder, and as a result I've done a couple more sets in the past few days. It's so much easier now that I have all of my CDs in one place. Once I get my chillout CDs sorted, I can start mixing those. Baby steps. :)

I've decided to get on a couple more personals sites again. This time I'm going to throw some money at it and see where it gets me. I should also see about getting some decent pictures taken of me. Maybe I could spend some time in a few of the online chats that those sites have. Who knows who I could meet. It'd be nice to meet a few people who I could talk music to...or computers, even though I know enough of those people already.

I must ask my boss tomorrow if I could possibly attend Comdex this year. It'd be nice to go back and see what they have...and get lots more cool swag. This year if I can so, I'm going to try for some shirts. That also reminds me, I need to ask Andrew if he can score me some Nullsoft shirts when he gets his. That'd be cool. :)

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