On Buying Foreign
from the out-of-a-job-yet? department.
written by alan on August 08, 2008

as my mom and i were driving to the airport so i could fly to baltimore, we encountered a vehicle (an SUV, which wasn't a surprise) bearing a bumper sticker which read "Out of a job yet? Keep buying foreign." It's not enough that fundamentalists must plaster their message on every available space, now we have to endure subtle jabs at our economies. Note that I've seen this same bumper sticker in both Canada and the US. I'm bitching about people in both countries, equally.

So, what does this really mean? Simply put, some people are unhappy because the economies of two of the worlds largest powers are poor due to imported goods manufactured elsewhere in the world. Hence "buying foreign". So, the jobs it took to make those goods aren't available here; they're available somewhere else. I'm sure some people would even scream "you're taking our jobs away!" While unemployment in the US alone is getting higher and higher, the answer to this bumper sticker is not pretty. We must cut off all imports of goods that we have the ability to manufacture ourselves and then do so. Thus our money stays within our borders and our economies fourish!

But wait, what about the repercussions? As the bulk of the imported goods we consume are made in south-east asia, we'd be depriving them all of their livelihood. Their ecnonomies, and most likely their entire countries, would fall apart. Now we're left with 'save ourselves. fuck the other guys.' Not very nice of us, is it? I would imagine that there are those among us with friends or relatives in south-east asia who would be none too pleased at the outcome.

I'd go as far as to say that those whom display the particular message explained above are being quite pretentious. In more general terms, they're douchebags. Oh yes, the douchebaggery levels on this continent are at unprecedented levels. What really kills me is the fact that I've seen veterans proudly displaying that same message! I'd have thought that particular caliber of person wouldn't think in those terms. But then again, they did voraciously defend their respective contries. I could chalk it up to simple patriotism.


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