One Goal Down
from the many-left-to-go department.
written by alan on October 05, 2003

Music: Phaelon - 08122003 (live set)

Wow. I mean, jeepers. I haven't neglected my site for this long since its inception. Hopefully this will cease shortly. I've spent the last few weeks exploring another facet of life. What Queen called the 'crazy little thing called love'. Yes, I actually love someone...and not what i previously thought was love. Oh no. This was different from the get-go. The plethora of people who told me that 'you just know' what true love feels like were absolutely right. I'm still debating whether love is like oxygen (as stated in the movie Moulin Rouge). I do know that love is definately not all you need, despite what The Beatles have said. But love is whatever form one can find it. It has been the missing piece to my life for quite some time, and i'm quite relieved to have found it.

We're planning to go to a local fall fair this weekend. It's supposedly the biggest and best in the county. My parents used to take me quite often when I was younger, but I haven't been to it for many years. It will definately be an experience. I think i've accomplished one of my life goals tho. I'm experiencing 'young love'...and it's everything i dreamed it would be. :)

I am happy.

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