One for me...
from the one-for-my-homies department.
written by alan on August 25, 2002

Music: Cass & Slide - Fever Rising / Spanker

I have discovered the cheap, alcoholic effects of malt liquor. Yes, its the same spirit that many in the ghetto enjoy in the true brown-baggin' style. And the kicker...its only $4 for 40oz! It looks like i'll be buying that stuff for a while since i'm starting to save up some $$ for future purchases, etc.

On a good note, it seems that the slight distortion in my left ear that i spoke of before is now gone. I guess it was just one of those things that comes and goes without explanation. The soft ringing still exists in that ear, but the distortion (which was my main concern) has left. I'll let this one need to fix what isn;t really broken.

I have come to the final realization that the twins are definately not my type. Last night was the clincher for me. Jenny has almost nothing in common with me, and Shauna has a couple attitude problems which i can't stand. I'm glad that i didn;t try to persue either of them would have prolly ended up in hurt anyhow. Oh sure they're attractive, but thats about it. Nothing else about them seems all that appealing to me. Now Jenn, there's someone who's worth more in my eyes. I couldn;t describe it before, and i still can;t now, but there's still that something about her that i can't resist. The fact that we've kept in contact for so long is pretty cool in itself. Its unfortunate that she's got so many things on her mind lately tho. Too many people to think about. Too much on the go. She really needs a good break from it all. Some time to let go of everything and just relax. I think she owes herself that.

Anyhoo, time to hit the books again. I write my next cert exam on friday. Hopefully it will be as easy as Ron says it is. Laters...

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