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written by alan on August 18, 2003

Music: Gentle People - Journey (Aphex Twin Care Mix) / Gotan Project - Santa Maria

Once again, many apologies for not updating much lately. Sometimes I like to wait until enough interesting things happen that i can post a decent article.

I've recently started talking (read: chatting) to someone whom i've known about for a little while but never really got to know. After a couple sessions I came to the realization that I should have talked to her sooner :) It turns out that we have much in common and are both rather open minded about many things. Not 2 days after we started talking, an opportunity arose that I could meet her...and I intend to take it. This one i'm not passing up...not on my life. This Saturday she's showing one of her horses at a horse show out in the county...she has invited me along. Perfect :) We've both expressed an interest in meeting each other, so what better venue? I do hope it goes well...i'm gonna be more nervous than ever! ^^;;

This week should be more calm than ususal. Both of my main bosses are on vacation...far from the office :) Hence my stress level will be lower and i'll be able to get some decent work done. I've noticed that i'm staying up a little later than usual these past few days, but I certainly don't mind. It's for a good cause ;) Some neat things are starting to happen at work, and this is making me content. I'll finally be able to try some new stuff after sticking with the same old crap for months.

Bleah...wes & amy just decided to show up and interrupt my 'zone'. I'll cut this entry short and continue when i have more information.

ciao :)

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