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written by alan on November 03, 2007

I was hoping that I'd never feel this way again, but there life goes dragging up past emotions.

Justin and Val are going to niagara for new years'. Apparent wes and amy are also going. Wonderful. Another couples-only event that I can't attend. *sigh* Why can I never find someone in time to enjoy couples events with friends? I still think of it as an exclusive club; one which I can't seem to enter correctly.

They asked if I wanted to join, but I had to decline. I'd be the x+1 wheel on that little jaunt. I'll probably just stay home this year and rest or whatnot. I'll figure something out. I just wish I could finally find that one. The one I'll be happy with. The one that will last.

Lately, I've been thinking about the "unattainable" ones. The ones I want but can never have. Currently there are two of them. Perhaps one of them knows, but the other has no clue. The latter I hope to immortalize by naming one of my (supposedly future) offspring after her. It might be taken the wrong way, but that's how I choose to live my pain. We all do it differently. Perhaps I'll share their names in the future article. We'll see.

Aside from all this, tonight has been fun. After it all tho I'll just go back home and do what I usually do.

Sad and pathetic little me.

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