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written by alan on October 04, 2002

Music: Orbital - Know Where To Run / Sasha & Digweed - Talk To Me (Sasha's Full Master Mix)

I haven't had the time nor the energy to write since a couple days ago. Been too busy with work, studying, and trying to feel a little better about myself. Last night was good of the better nights i've had in a while. Myself, wes, and a couple other guys we know went out for a few drinks at a local establishment. A place i've never been to before, i might add. Very good atmosphere...small but cozy. It was quite enjoyable. Two of us got mighty drunk, which only added to the high spirits and happy times. :) And i realized during the course of events that I'd forgotten everything else i'd been so worried and depressed over. Of course, the alcohol played its hand in that, but it was the comradery...the friendship...that helped the most. Just hangin out with a bunch of people. Apparently its supposed to happen again tonite...excellent :)

Wes has let me in on a couple more journal/diary related sites, which i will be checking out. A couple of them house mailing lists which should dramatically increase the readers of my writings. This will be cool :) I still await an e-mail from any of you, but apparently that takes i shall wait. I'm looking forward to a good conversation...maybe even meeting some cool new people. That would be a happy thing...and its certainly something i could use more of. I haven't given up on jenn yet. I doubt i will. I still believe she's worth the persuit, even if nothing happens. She's an awesome person, no doubt about that. At the very least, she's a good friend. She can certainly entertain an argument too...very good debating skills (yet another thing i love about her). I don;t think that list will ever end either...the stuff i find fascinating about her, i mean. Every time we talk there's more stuff i find that i like. She was describing to me yesterday about getting caught up watching the leaves fall...this was amazing. I absolutely adore someone who takes the time to appreciate the finer points of life. Rain falling...leaves rustling about...stuff of that nature (pardon the pun). *sigh*

It makes me think what it would be like to be able to share your life with someone close...someone with a deep understanding of who you are and where you're coming from. Someone who compliments your ideology...the perfect companion. Until that time tho, music will have to suffice. It lets my mind wander and relax...another thing i need more of lately :)

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