from the station department.
written by alan on November 21, 2002

Music: Royksopp - So Easy / Eple / Remind Me

Arrrgh! I've had no time for anything this week. Its been non-stop work for the last 4 days. I'll be happy this weekend when i can relax. So anyways, I got the controller for my Playstation replaced and i have thus started playing Final Fantasy Tactics. That game is so damn addicting. I got hooked on it bac kin university. During my first year, a room of guys down the hall from me used to play it all the time. I'd just sit there and watch for was totally cool.

The following year, i got a hold of a copy of FFT and a playstation emulator for my PC. With time helpful tutilage from my roomate dave, i was well on my way to getting thru the game. Unfortuntaly, I have to start all over again now....but this time i'll be able to experience it on a good system. :)

Very shortly I will begin preparations for my trip down south to see Molly's wedding. Its gonna cost me some serious $$, but i can pull it off. I'm sure i'll have more than enough money from work by the time i go. I'll need a suit tho...and a new pair of shoes to go with it. As well, i'm hoping to lose about 10-20 more pounds. I wanna look my best for everyone :)

Anyways...must go and relax. Still have much more work to do in the morning.

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