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written by alan on February 26, 2003

Music: Fantastic Plastic Machine - Never Ever / Akabu - Ride The Storm (Joey Negro Solar Jazz Mix)

Just a quick update here. I'm starting to go out of my mind with things that need to be done. I have bills to pay, problems to solve at work, scripts to code at home, a new site layout to work on, and a new mix set to do. I also need to start really looking around for my new car. Gaaaarrrgh!

Other than all that nonsense, my life has practically returned to normal. Normal can be defined as my life circa one year ago today. A very rough patch in my life has passed and I can now resume whatever it was I was doing back then.

Tonite, after i visited my friends at the pub, they decided to attend the peelers for oil wrestling night. Needless to say I was not really enthused about seeing that. A bunch of naken women covered in oil just doesn't get me going as it once did...well, i don't think i've ever seen that before, so i guess it never got me going. I'd been to a strip bar before and had been exposed to what goes on there. It was alright to see it once, but it just doesn't appeal to me. Its too fake. I have no need for eye candy of that magnitude. I just want one woman...and i certainly don't want her like that...although, the oil wrestling might not be such a bad idea sometime down the line ;)

It appears that Molly and Nathan are going to drive up to visit me in the summer! I'm so happy!!!!! I know its only been a litte over a month, but i miss seeing those guys :) There's no word whether they'll bring anyone else, but whoever else manages to come will be welcomed nonetheless. I look forward to showing them my little piece of Canada. I know they'll like what there is to offer here.

Enough for now...i need more sleep...seriously!

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