from the something-good-for-a-change department.
written by alan on November 12, 2002

Music: Our Lady Peace - Naveed / Live - Turn My Head / Moist - Tangerine

Finally things have begun to get better. I received my Cisco router today, and have successfully set it up. My new network is nearing completion! :) As well, things have begin to get very good at work since I signed a longer term contract. The days are long, but the work is satisfying. I'm finding myself put more and more into my work...and it feels awesome. Very soon i'll be treating that network like it was my very own.

It appears that Molly's wedding has been moved forward about 4 months. Its now in the middle January, which is great :) I'm sure i'll be able to make it. I know Jenn is prolly very hesitant about meeting me finally, but i'm sure we'll all get along. Good times will be had by all...guaranteed. I may not have my new car by then, but thems the brakes (pardon the pun). I've been eyeing the Toyota Matrix XRS...a nice cobalt blue colour. Yes, that will be an excellent vehicle.

In other news, i've gotten all nostalgic with my music lately. I'm going back to 90's alternative and a few 80's classics. I'm reaching a point where i'm beginning to feel relaxed, and as such my music tastes are relaxing as well. I'm taking the time to go back and re-listen to all my favourites from my highschool years...*sigh*. Those were good times....even if a good chunk of 'em were crappy or depressing.

This reminds me, i really must get back to my exercise regimen. I've been neglecting it lately because i'm still settling in to my new routine. I still have another 25 - 30 pounds to lose before i become happy with my weight. I'm thinner than i was, which is good...but i'm not thin enough. I need to get healthy again. And it will happen....oh will happen. ;)

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